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Audit-diagnostic de l'usine de Pusu de Wienco au Ghana.

First operational season was 1998/99. The plant is still the property of Ghana Cotton Co, what has consequences in terms of organization and investment.

During the last season, the Pusu ginnery ginned 2.913 metric tons of seed cotton, and produced 5.627 bales of 209 kg in average, with a ginning rate of bales/h. The GOT was 40.4%, and seed percentage 54%. The fiber quality was 74% of head grades (LAMU and LAMU/S) and 23% SISA. Only 8% of the production was of staple 36 (1”1/8), when 90% was of staple 35 (1”3/32).

For the present season, ginning started on November 11th 2012 and is expected to end at the end of March. The expected seed cotton is 5.765 metric tons. Number of bales should exceed 11.000, if GOT and average bale weight remains the same. On February 14th 2013, the bale production reached 8.154, with an average weight of 217 kg. Average GOT at the same date is 40.5% (Stam 279 variety). Almost 99% of the production is of staple 35, and LAMU+LAMU/S proportion dropped to 28%, when SISA proportion increased to 45%. Lower grade LOMA increased from 2% in 2011/12 to 22%.

Fiber classing is done by a contracted classer, Mike Abannah.

The diagnostic was carried out with the following content:

  • Preliminary meeting;
  • Organization and management diagnostic (staff, shifts, data collection and technical indicators, maintenance, etc.);
  • Facility sectors and layout;
  • Process and machinery sequence;
  • Machinery inspection and air measurement, RPM;
  • Operational and performance diagnostic (practices, routine and ginning test), reta); Sample and waste analysis;
  • Debriefing;
  • Provisional results and report presentation.

The preliminary meeting was held on February 9th with the following staff members:

  • Benoit Spoerry, Ginning Coordinator
  • John Adoctor, Contractor, Ginner
  • Isaac Aboyengeh, Shift Leader
  • Ernest Garbrah, Shift Leader
  • John Bosco Aviyale, Stores

Debriefing was done with technical staff and presence of Mr. Patrick Dieraert, General Manager of Wienco Cotton, on February 11th.

The diagnostic was carried out on a participative way, as from the beginning up to the ginning test samples and trashes analysis. We would like to thank the management and the Pusu staff for their interest and permanent support.


Figure : Test organization and safety meeting                                    Figure : Participative diagnostic


All equipment  has been observed, and are mentioned here those who need correction

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